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 หัวข้อกระทู้ :Lotte's broken self-esteem, coach Kim Tae-ryong said,.. 02-12-2018 19:41:41 

Lotte Giants manager Yang Sang-moon stressed both the mound and defense after being appointed to the command post.

Lotte's defense of the 2018 season hurt its pride. In 2017, 86 players made the smallest mistake out of 10 teams, but this year, it became the largest team in error with 117. Although it was only one gap from SK (116), it was heartbreaking that there were 31 more mistakes compared to last year.

Most of the mistakes were concentrated on the infield. A strong second baseman, Andy Burns collapsed with 22 mistakes. Due to poor batting performance, Lotte has decided to break up with Lotte. Moon Kyu-hyun (13) and Han Dong-hee (12) followed, while Shin made 20 mistakes, both shortstop and second baseman. There were many times when the mood was high, giving out scores that would not have to be given.

Kim Tae-ryong, who became Lotte's new defense coach, 안전한놀이터 said, "From outside, Lotte is a good team to hit." As much as he was in charge of defense in Kia, he has seen Lotte's defense carefully.

Why did he become the team that made the most mistakes in one season? Kim examined the cause of the players' shrinkage. "I made mistakes where players were burdened or not," he said.

Kim said, "When I'm a reader, it's time for me to go to school without any trouble. In addition to hard training at the closing camp, the team trained the players' body and mind through dialogue and consolation. "Even though we were training once in a while, we approached him like my brother if he felt heavy," Kim said.

The first goal is to focus on basic skills while building confidence in players. Coach Kim said, "In order to do this, I need to run one more step. "The players I try to communicate with me, and if I try to run first, the players will follow."
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