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 หัวข้อกระทู้ :The reason why cosmetics and corporate cola are poured out when cup noodles are opened.. 02-12-2018 18:41:01 

From the morning of June 16, people in their teens and 20s who were wearing padding at Shinsegae Centum City Store in Busan continued to be more than 100 meters in line. People flocked all night to buy Wheela X Uwakwa Columbo Edition Season 2 that will be released in the Ulla. "Uwakkwaeng" is a popular game broadcasting called BJ, whose face is unknown. There are more than 480,000 YouTube subscribers. Most of his characters, clothes, shoes, and masks were sold out as soon as they were released.
Companies that have different fields and are not likely to get along with each other are active in collaboration. Fashion companies are joining hands with gamers and theme parks are working with camera companies, while ramen and cola companies are putting out products with cosmetics companies.
In particular, various companies such as IT, automobiles 배팅사이트 and cosmetics are asking for a collaboration. This is due to the halo effect of theme parks. If you feel happy at a theme park, you can evaluate IT, cars, and cosmetics experienced there positively. At the Halloween Festival in Everland, visitors who rode rides or went on a field trip experienced images of monsters and zombies that were real on the walls and buildings. Panasonic used its latest technology to shoot horror videos on walls and buildings. Earlier in the spring, a model of Mammond's super-large cosmetics was installed at Everland Photo Zone, making it a hot spot for social network service (SNS) certified shots. During the summer vacation, Meshesides-Benz installed a vehicle experience zone in the Caribbean Bay of Water Park and conducted fitness exercise programs to suit the design of vehicles that remind them of strong muscles.
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